70 Acre Destination Recreation Tourism Property

Date: Jan. 13th, 2015
Contact: David Reid Phone: 303-674-2208

70 Acre Destination Recreation Tourism Property
Miles of Possibilities
Available in Idaho Springs, CO
Price $695,000

  • Within the City Limits of Idaho Springs, with Municipal Water and Sewer Service available right at the base of the Property
  • 450+ feet of Clear Creek Frontage - directly South of the Twin Tunnels
  • Just 20 Miles West of Denver on I-70 – with Good I-70 Visibility
  • Excellent Access on County Road #314 from both the East off of I-70 at Mile Marker #243, and from the West at Mile Marker #241.
  • Contiguous to the Approved Clear Creek Greenway Trailhead Park at this location, to be constructed upon completion of the Tunnel Widening Project
  • Property is specifically defined in Clear Creek County’s Greenway Plan as being in a “Town Center” (i.e. Idaho Springs) which is necessary for approval as an appropriate Development Site
  • This Property is only one of two sizable developable parcel in Clear Creek County that is within a “Town Center” currently with access to municipal Water and Sewer Service required for meaningful Commercial Development
  • The “Base” of the Property (2.14 acres) is zoned Commercial, and the “Up-Hill” portion of the Property (67+ acres) is currently zoned Rural Multiple Family Residential. Commercial Re-Zoning the “Up-Hill” portion of the Property is recommended. Owner/Agent will assist in desired Re-Zoning
  • Listing broker is part of the seller’s ownership group
  • Inventory of identified Proposed Venues Attached – All Venues are developable on the Property (Not Either/Or) – Other, or Alternative, Venues are limited only by the Developer’s imagination
  • This Recreation “Renewable Energy Theme Park” could rival the economic viability of the Glenwood Caverns Park in Glenwood Springs, and it is 125 miles closer to Denver. See the Attached for a Discussion of the Highly Recommended “Renewable Energy Theme Park” concept. 
  • The Property can be Sub-Divided into 5 parcels, through the “Minor Subdivision” process, available in Clear Creek County, to accommodate possible development of the various venues by separate Developers.

Twin Tunnels Development, LLC
Inventory of “Up-Hill”
Options, Alternatives & Opportunities

Possible Destination Outdoor Recreation Tourism – Renewable Energy Theme Park:
Venues Not Requiring Municipal Water - But All Would Require Both Biking/Hiking Trail and Shared Use Path (Ingress & Egress for Fire Fighting Purposes):


  1. Entire Property could be dedicated to Open Space
  2. Dedicate Denver’s Closest National Forest Trailhead off of The Property into Arapaho National Forest contiguous to the Property
  3. Equestrian Concession – Into the National Forest & East to Saddleback Area
  4. New Trails for Hiking, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Skiing, & Snow Shoeing – Both East to Floyd Hill, Across County Lands, and To The Southwest Into Arapaho National Forest to Hidden Wilderness and Beyond.
  5. A Zip Line from the National Park Trail Head to the Greenway Park Trailhead at the Bottom of the Canyon Floor across the River
  6. 24 or more Huts on TT Property & County (X BLM ) Land, accessible by Micro Bio-Electric Hybrid Carts to allow Outdoor Experience to Handicapped, and Elderly, on a Trail between the Twin Tunnels Trailhead and Floyd Hill.

Possible Wild Fire Fighting, Mitigation & Renewable Energy Pilot Projects

  1. Ingress & Egress - Wildfire Fighting Capability – See 15% Shared Use Path below
  2. Forest Thinning, Trimming and Fuel Removal for Biofuel Boiler/Generators
  3. Biofuel Generators for Cabins, Venues, 4 WD Electric Carts, and Access Equipment
  4. Biofuel, Micro Hydro, and Run of River Generators to provide power for the Greenway Park, Restrooms and Parking Area – As well as possibly for the Waste Water Treatment Plant & Other Twin Tunnels Area Businesses and Residences

Possible Venues Requiring Available Municipal Water – Heat & Electricity Provided by Woody Biomass (Boiler/Generators – per above)

  1. Cabins at the Arapaho National Forest Trailhead Site
  2. A “Sweetheart” (Heart Shaped) Amphitheatre – In Its Own Natural Setting
  3. Cabins Contiguous to the Amphitheatre Site
  4. Indoor Conference/ Wedding Facility
  5. A Commercial Cliff/Ice Climbing Venue
  6. A Tubing Hill, Alpine Slide, and/or Slope Board Course
  7. A Downhill Mountain Bike Racing Course

NOTE – All of the Above Venues Are Possible – Not Either/Or

Access Alternatives
(Required for all Venues & Applications)

  1. An 8% Grade Hiking & Biking Trail to the National Park Trailhead & Beyond
  2. A 15% Max Grade Electric Buggy/Fire Equipment (Shared Use) Path to all venues

Additional Access Alternatives Needed for Venues Requiring Municipal Water

  1. A “Magic Carpet” – People Movers to the Venues
  2. A Possible Gondola from the Greenway Park Trailhead on the Canyon Floor across the River to the Top of the Property – Providing Fantastic Snow Capped Views!

Zoning – Currently Zoned (RM) Rural Multiple Family Residential – Above would require Commercial Re-Zoning. Buy contingent upon receipt of seller assisted desired Zoning