Blog: Xcel Energy Supports Sustainable Living More than We Would Expect

Date: Mar. 18th, 2010
Contact: Julie Korotkin Phone: (303) 302-3604, ext. 8
Recently, I attended the Xcel Energy Sustainability Expo in Westminster, CO.  I was surprised to discover how many supportive services Xcel offers to help the general public live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle at home!  With reasonable prices and flexible plans, they offer excellent products and services for residential customers.

Whether you are looking for home energy efficiency testing, solar panel installation, or basic education on sustainable living, Xcel offers everything you need to improve the energy efficiency in your home.  Some examples of their services include:

  • Energy efficiency calculators
  • Articles and information about money savings through home energy use
  • Wind power credit purchasing
  • Heating and cooling rebates

You can CLICK HERE to learn more.

This power company is not the only organization assisting people to live more sustainable lifestyles.  Homeowners can find resources for all types of environmentally friendly products, from fixtures, to appliances, to recycled knick-knacks.  Here are a few websites that will set you on your way: