Featured Vendor of the Month Michelle Wilson

Date: Mar. 23rd, 2011
Contact: Michelle L Wilson Phone: 303-933-1789

What is Your idea of financial security?

For most of us, financial security is the ability to protect what we have, cover our expenses and have enough money for future needs. But that’s a very broad definition. Each of us has a unique idea of what we want our financial futures to be like.

Why meet with me?
I can help secure your future with a complimentary insurance and financial review. Unless you're an expert in every aspect of your financial affairs, there may well be gaps and weaknesses in your long-term plans for financial security.  Put simply, what you don't know or understand about your financial affairs can end up hurting you and your family.  That's why it makes sense to sit down with me and complete your confidential insurance and financial review. With the right help, almost any family can achieve financial security.  Whether you are my client or not, an insurance and financial review will help secure your future.  If we haven’t met before, the first meeting will simply allow you to learn more about our services and get to know me and the company I represent.

I will also walk you through the information we'll need to create a tangible plan that clearly shows you how we’ll help you get from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.  If you have met with me before, taking a fresh look at your situation each year may reveal some gaps or new opportunities you can take advantage of.

Is meeting with me the right step for YOU right now?
Some people feel their financial affairs are in pretty good shape, and wonder whether it is worth their time to meet with me. Others feel that their situation is in a bit of a "mess", and hesitate to share their information with anyone outside their family.  Either way, there is nothing to lose by sitting down with a trained expert for a confidential, in-depth review - whether you have met with me before or not.  Your meeting with me could prove to be the smartest thing you ever do to ensure your family's financial security.

Backed by a team of experts
When you work with me, you get a one-on-one relationship and the added support of a team of experts. I get to know you and your family, and can clearly communicate your needs while working with a team of specialists to prepare a plan that meets your goals. We will discuss how to:

  • concretely determine your goals and develop a step-by-step strategy to help you accomplish them.
  • ensure your immediate needs are met with proper coverage for what you already have.
  • address ways to protect your income.
  • understand the risk/reward potential of various investments.
  • appropriately allocate your investments to match your investor profile.
  • stay on track as your needs change.
  • have a tangible document to take to an attorney for estate planning or a CPA for tax advice

Essentially, you get personal service and the comprehensive professional expertise you need to prepare for whatever the future brings your way. Please see the attached document for a complete listing of items to have ready for our review. Also, please visit the link below to view what you will be provided with after we meet: 

Contact me for a complimentary insurance and financial review today and visit to learn more about us!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle L. Wilson
Financial Representative
COUNTRY® Financial
5125 S Kipling St #207 Littleton, CO 80127
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